8 thoughts on “Yarn Cups Promotion”

  1. Hi. What if I just want the cup. I don’t need the yarn, pattern or sticks. I’m always losing my cup, becuse I drink alot. If your cusps are cheap enough, then I could use about a hunerd or so. Don’t blow me off, because I am a serious minded man. I did use a woman’s bathroom once, but that was by accident and anyways I was drunk. Nowadays I only drink water and Kool-aid. I like milk but am lacromose tolerunt, so I get gassy. So, please let me know what you can cheaply do for a hunerd cups. You would have to deliver them, but I don’t have an address, but it’s by a bridge.

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  4. You are welcome to buy 100 cups and lids only. They would be $1.00 each if you get a large quantity, otherwise, they would be $2.00 each. You can order these at 1-800-825-2569


    Dark Horse Yarn LLC

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